Policies & Cancellations

St. Regis Canoe Outfitters

When To Reserve

To assure yourself of your first choice, reserve early by giving us a call. The reservation isn't secured until we receive the deposit payment (or you have talked with SRCO staff and are sending a check). For Outfitting and Instructional Programs reserve as soon as your needs and schedule are determined.

Group leaders wishing to reserve a block of rental canoes for a certain time period should reserve in the winter or early spring to avoid disappointment.

For Adirondack Guided Trips reservations should be received 60 days in advance, and for Destination Trips reservations should be made several months in advance. Final payments for Destination Trips are due 60 days prior to departure. We do maintain waiting lists.

The Fine Print

Liability Waiver Forms

BEFORE renting gear or boats you will need to sign and give to us, our liability waiver. We will ask for one from each individual using our gear or services. 

Security Deposits

We require a security deposit on all rentals. Deposit will be made by credit card (imprint and signature). Security deposits are for the full cost of the items rented.

If you return rental gear early

Early returns will be credited with a store credit at the rate of the number of days early return minus two. For example, three days early return is credited for one day. There is no refund on returned food or transportation services.

If you return canoes or kayaks late

Late returns will be charged double the daily rental cost per day returned late. The exact canoe(s) or kayak(s) you reserved may be reserved by someone else for the day after  your trip. Thus, returning late can turn into a legistical problem for St. Regis Canoe Outfitters and other customers. 

If you return canoes, kayaks or any rental equipment damaged

In the event of damage to a canoe, kayak, or any rental equipment, the security deposit will be held until St. Regis Canoe Outfitters, Inc. (SRCO) has inspected the damage or loss and has determined a repair or replacement cost at the discretion of SRCO. All damage to boats or equipment or replacement of boats or equipment will be paid for by the person responsible for the rental transaction. Additionally, at the discretion of SRCO, the renter may pay for lost rental time that the boat is in the repair shop. Because the feature of lightweight is paramount in our canoes and kayaks, we retain the right to assess a damage fee to cover the loss in re-salability of the canoe in question if we deem it necessary.
SRCO reserves the right to charge for extra time spent cleaning excessively dirty rental equipment, including but not limited to the following: stoves that are not cleaned sufficiently; cookware that are either not cleaned sufficiently, have been used over open fires, or both; and tents that have been used without ground tarp/footprint to protect the floor of the tent.


Canoe and kayak, outfitting, and guided trip/instructional program reservation deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable, and will be applied towards final payment. If you cancel an outfitting reservation or any portion thereof (figured on a calendar day basis) at least 14 days prior to trip departure date, you will receive a SRCO store credit less two days portion of your deposit.

If you cancel a guided trip or instructional program (figured on a calendar day basis) at least 30 days prior to trip departure date, you will be receive a SRCO store credit less a $75 administrative fee. If circumstances beyond our control cause us to cancel any reservation, we will promptly refund your deposit in full. All credits are store credits for services only and must be used within one year.