Camping Gear Rentals

St. Regis Canoe Outfitters

We provide you with top quality gear. You can be assured of a good night's sleep with either a synthetic or down sleeping bag, and either a closed cell foam pad or a Therm-a-Rest mattress. Tents are freestanding, lightweight nylon with floor and no-see-um netting. Cook gear is stainless steel. Our rugged canoe packs are waterproof and comfortable to portage.

All equipment is available to rent or purchase individually. All rentals are per calendar day.

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Equipment Rental Types: Packs
Product Price
Granite Gear Nylon Portage Pack: 120 liters $10
Sealline Pro Pack 115 liters (7000 cu in) $9
Sealline Boundary Pack Large: 115 liters (7000 cu in) $7
Sealline Boundary Pack Medium: 70 liters $7
Sealline Boundary Pack Small: 35 liters $6
Granite Gear Blaze Backpack: 60 liters $8
Pelican Waterproof Box 1200 or 1300 $5
Plastic Harmony with Harness Portage Barrels: Large 60 Liters $9
Bear Canisters (10-11 liters) $4
Equipment Rental Types: Tents
Product Price
2-person Kelty Grand Mesa tent $12
2-person MSR Hubba Hubba $16
3 person MSR Mutha Hubba $18
4 person Kelty Grand Mesa $16
4 person Eureka Sunrise $14
6 person Eureka Equinox Dome Tent $24
Dining fly or tarp tent, 10'x10', nylon with rope $5
Equipment Rental Types: Sleeping Gear
Product Price
Sleeping Bags: Synthetic fill semi-mummy bag $6
Sleeping Bag: Down fill 40° to 25° semi-mummy bag $8-10
Sleeping Pads: Therm-a Rest Z Rest foam Pad: 72" $4
Sleeping Pads: Therm-a rest Pad short $6
Sleeping Pads: Therm-a rest Pad long $7
Sleeping Pads: Therm-a-Rest NeoAir regular $8
Equipment Rental Types: Cold Weather Accessories
Product Price
Paddling Splash Jacket $5
Neoprene Booties $4
Equipment Rental Types: Cook Gear
Product Price
MSR Pocket Rocket stove, propane, single burner $7
MSR Whisperlite or Dragonfly stove, gas, single burner $9
Coleman 2-burner gas or propane stove $12
Water Filter - MSR or First Need ($20 min.) $7
Stainless steel cookset & utensils (per person) (you choose pieces) $5
Custom Food Pack (includes pack)(per person/day) $72
Cooler 60-80 Qt. $7
Fabric Cooler: 19 quart (twelve pack size) $4
Equipment Rental Types: Rain Gear
Product Price
Poncho $4
Rain jacket & pants $9
Rain Jackets or Rain Pants $5
Child's Rain jacket & pants $5
Children's Rain Jacket or Pants Only $3
Equipment Rental Types: Paddling Accessories: (Daily Rate)
Product Price
Canoe Center Cart, 150 lbs. capacity $5
PFD - Vest style type III $5
Canoe Paddles: Aluminum $3
Canoe Paddles: Wood $6
Kayak Paddles: Aluminum $5
Kayak Paddle: Wood $8
Yokes 3 way clamps: Tandem Canoe, Solo Canoe or Kayak $3
Back Rest: Plastic $2
Crazy Creek Canoe Chair $4