Floodwood Pond Loop

St. Regis Canoe Outfitters

A justly popular loop, starting and ending at our Floodwood base. This trip starts with beautiful Fish Creek, and passes through Follensby Clear and Hoel Ponds before ending in the Canoe Area. A layover day in the Canoe Area allows a hike up Long Pond Mtn. Numerous campsites, great swimming, and an unusually good view from the mountain.    Note:  Turtle, Slang and Long Ponds are in the wilderness area where camping is limited to 8 persons.

To start this trip at our Floodwood base, we're located on the northwestern shore of Floodwood Pond (if you zoom in on the map, our location will appear). This trip is typically recommended in a counterclockwise direction from our Floodwood Outpost, since there is a current flowing south out of Floodwood Pond through Fish Creek. It is doable to paddle clockwise and go upstream, but given the choice, it's always better to paddle with the current!
Miles: 12-15
Number of Portages: 5 or more
Number of Days: 2-3
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