St. Regis Canoe Outfitters


We provide transportation from either of our bases to over 100 launch points. We can move:

  1. You, your boat and your gear - "a transport"
  2. Just boats
  3. Your vehicle - We term this "a shuttle"

Rates for moving you, your gear and / or boat is per the chart below:
These rates are for a one-way trip of up to two people, gear and two boats. For each additional person (including their gear and boat) add 20% of the Base rate.

For moving boats only the following rates apply: The Base Rate is charged for moving 1-3 boats. To figure the price for moving 4 or more boats, apply the following factors to the Base Rate:

4 Boats             Base Rate x 1.5
5 Boats             Base Rate x 1.6
6 Boats             Base Rate x 1.7
7 Boats             Base Rate x 1.8
8 Boats             Base Rate x 1.9
9-12 Boats       Base Rate x 2.0

Shuttles - moving just your vehicle 

A shuttle is very convenient for many trips and especially convenient for paddlers coming with their own boat. While you are paddling we will come and drive your car from the put-in to your take-out.

Shuttles are done for the Base Rate. Additional vehicles with the same party can be moved at the following rate: Base Rate x 0.70. 


Rates to:

From SL Base

From Floodwood Base

(All rates are for 2 people, boat(s) and gear. Add 20% for each additional person.)
Saranac Lake BaseX$90
Fusion Market-SL Bus StationX$90
Adirondack Airport at Lake Clear$50$85

Lower Saranac Lake

Ampersand Bay$35$85
Lake Flower$35$90
State Bridge$45$105

Middle Saranac Lake

South Creek Access$70$105

Upper Saranac Lake

Saranac Inn$75$55
Indian Carry$80$90
Spider Creek$85$65
Fish Creek Ponds$85$65

Saranac River - Northern Forest Canoe Trail

Moose Pond Footbridge or Lowbridge$50x
Permanent Rapids - top$60x
Permanent Rapids - base$65x
Franklin Falls Dam$90x
Union Falls Dam or Casey Road Access$120x
Clayburg - Jct with North Branch$130x
Cadyville - High Falls$145x
Plattsburg, NY - downtown or Rt 190$165x

Santa Clara Tract

Middle Br. St Regis R - Indian Rock$140x
Middle Br. St Regis R - Blue Mtn Rd Bridge$140x
Middle Br. St Regis R - Santa Clara$120x
Middle Br. St Regis R - Four Mile Rd.$140x
Meacham Lake at East Branch$105x
E. Br. St Regis R - Everton Falls$150x
E. Br. St Regis R - Trim Rd Access$180x
St. Regis Falls Village$150x
Quebec Brook - Blue Mtn Rd$155x

Raquette River

Blue Mtn Lk Village$175$190
Raquette Lake Village$255$255
Long Lake State Launch$145$150
Stony Creek Bridge$90$105
Stony Creek Ponds$80$95
Crusher (Rt. 3 Fishing Access)$80$85
Tupper Lake - Moody Launch$90$90
Jamestown Falls$165$195
Carry Falls Reservoir$190$200
Shuttle Axton to Crusher or Tupper Lake$90

Lake Kushaqua

Kushaqua Dam$105$175
Rainbow Narrows$95$160
Jones Pond$85$125
Church Pond (Paul Smiths)$85$105

St Regis Canoe Area

Paul Smith's College$85$105
Upper St Regis Lake$75$90
Little Clear Pond$65$65
Hoel Pond$75$55
Polliwog Pond$75$45
Floodwood Pond$90x
Long Pond Landing$90$40
Shuttle: Seven Carries$85
Shuttle: Nine Carries$75
Shuttle: Hoel to Long Pond$55

Whitney Wilderness Area

Little Tupper Lake$125$135
Lake Lila$145$165
Shuttle: Little Tupper to Lake Lila$145
Shuttle: Little Tupper to Lows Lower Dam$160
Shuttle Lake Lila to Lows Lower Dam$185

Tupper Lake

Moody Launch$90$90
Rock Island Bay$95$95
Bog River Falls$100$125
Shuttle: Long Lake to Moody launch$145

Five Ponds Wilderness Area

Cranberry Lake$225x
Inlet on the Oswegatchie$230x
Low's Lower Dam (Bog River)$140x
Bog River Falls$125x
Shuttle Low's Lower Dam to Inlet$350

Fulton Chain of Lakes

Old Forge$350x
Inlet Village - Sixth Lake$295x
Seventh Lake$270x
Shuttle Old Forge to either Base$350

If you would like the boat and a shuttle for a day trip, see our Self Guided Day Trips for packages that include the boat and transportation for the trip.