Upper St. Regis Lake History & Hiking

St. Regis Canoe Outfitters

This is a two-day guided trip with an overnight on Upper St. Regis Lake.  Take the day to paddle around Lower St. Regis Lake, Spitfire Lake and Upper St. Regis Lake to see the Great Camps from the water as you learn about the amazing architecture and history.  Spend the night at a lake-side Adirondack Lean-to.  On day two hike up the Teddy Roosevelt Trail from Upper St. Regis Lake to the summit of St. Regis Mountain, standing at 2,874 feet.  St. Regis Mountain provides spectacular views of the High Peaks and St. Regis canoe area.

Cost per person includes your choice of boats from our rental fleet, as well as as guide, camping gear, food and transportation from our Outpost.

Trips are arranged at your request with a minimum of four people. We recommend at least a month's advance reservation for all guided trips.

# Days: 2
Boat Type: canoe or kayak
Nature of Trip: Tour Great Camps & Hike St. Regis Mtn.
Cost/Person: $399
Dates: 05/15/2019-10/14/2019

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