Floodwood Pond to Fish Creek

St. Regis Canoe Outfitters

This is a 4+ hours, full day trip paddle that starts on Floodwood Pond and  meanders through  Fish Creek, a beautiful small stream flowing out of the pond.  We will expolore adjoining ponds including Little Square Pond, Copperas Pond and Follensby Clear Pond.  There are beautiful spots to swim and eat lunch.   This is a relaxing trip for people who are looking for guided trip on smaller ponds and no portages.  We begin and end the trip at Floodwood Pond.

Basic Cost: $149 per person (minimum of 2 people)

Cost Per Person Complete: $119 for groups of 4 or more who reserve at the same time.


  • Guide
  • Your choice of boat from our fleet
  • Lunch
Boat Type: canoe or kayak
Experience Level: Novice
Nature of Trip: Pond with paddle down creek
Cost/Person: $149
Group Rate (4+): $119
Dates: 05/01/2019-10/12/2019

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