Crusher to Moody Landing via Wild Center

St. Regis Canoe Outfitters

This is a nice day trip that starts at the Crusher Landing in Tupper Lake.  The river is quite attractive with plenty of opportunities for viewing wild life.  To visit the Wild Center Museum you take out at the mouth of the oxbow about half way into the trip.   There is a fee for the Wild Center Museum and the "Wild Walk," which is worth seeing.  After visiting the museum it is interesting to paddle around the large oxbow, then continue your journey along the Raquette River for another mile before coming into the main river bed out to Simon Pond.  You will  paddle west joining the river passing under the Route 30 bridge.  The river immediately joins Tupper Lake.  Moody Launch is less than a mile south on Tupper Lake. It is necessary to  leave a car at both ends or arrange for a shuttle in advance.  If you need us to move your car please call in advance to schedule. For more information go to Shuttle/Transportation.

Miles: 8
Number of Portages: 0
Number of Days: 1
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