St. Regis Canoe Outfitters

We love groups!! And we have a lot of experience with faciliating different programs. Our experience ranges from Boy and Girl Scout Trips to Church Camps, the military and Schools including even a multiday camping trip for a school for the blind.

If you have a group, we suggest you contact us early in your planning.

Here are a few quick "Heads Up" for groups coming to the Adirondack Park:

Group size limits for camping range from 8 in wilderness areas to 12 in wild forest areas. Day trip groups are limited to 15 in wilderness areas. Camping Permits are necessary for anyone camping in the same site for more than three nights.

We will require a Liability Waiver for each participant---for those under the age of 18 we require a parental (or legal guardian) signature in addition to the participant signature.

Group leader should be prepared to supply us with: payment, security deposit, liability waivers for each participant, and roster list of participants including emergency contacts. We will supply you with our emergency contact info as well.