Northern Forest Canoe Trail Map Series

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This series of 13 maps covers the entire trail from Old Forge, NY to Fort Kent, ME. Each map is approximately 18.5"x 24" and folded to 4" x 9.3"/ Scale 1: 1000,000. $9.95 each or all 13 maps for $115.00.

Maps Available:
Map 1 - Adirondack North Country (West) - NY (Old Forge to Long Lake)
Map 2 - Adirondack North Country (Central) - NY (Long Lake to Saranac Lake Village)
Map 3 - Adirondack North Country (East) - NY (Saranac River to Lake Champlain)
Map 4 - Island and Farms Region - NY/VT (Lake Champlain to Missisquoi River)
Map 5 - Upper Missisquoi - VT/QC (Missisquoi River to Lake Memphremagog)
Map 6 - Northeast Kingdom - QC/VT (Lake Memphremagog to Connecticut River)
Map 7 - Great North Woods - NH (Connecticut River to Lake Umbagog)
Map 8 - Rangeley Lakes Region - ME (Umbagog Lake to Rangeley Lake)
Map 9 - Flagstaff Region - ME (Rangeley Lake to Spencer Stream)
Map 10 - Greater Jackman Region - ME (Spencer Stream to Moosehead Lake)
Map 11 - Moosehead/ Penobscot Region - ME (Moosehead Lake to Umbazooksus Stream)
Map 12 - Allagash Region (South) - ME (Umbazooksus Stream to Umsaskis Lake)
Map 13 - Allagash Region (North) - ME (Umsaskis Lake to St. John River) 

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The Northern Forest Canoe Trail links the waterways of New York, Vermont, Quebec, New Hampshire and Maine on a 740 mile route.