Camp Santanoni

St. Regis Canoe Outfitters

Great Camp Santanoni is one of the oldest and largest, as well as the most sophisticated and distinguished of all the surviving Great Camps. The Great Camp was recently restored by the Adirondack Architectural Heritage. This trip begins in Newcomb with a 5 mile horse-drawn wagon ride for both you and your canoe on the carriage road that meanders through the Santanoni Preserve. This Guided Trip will offer an opportunity to paddle on Newcomb Lake, hike the surrounding trails and camp next to the lake, and learn about the history of this Great Camp.   

Cost per person includes a canoe/kayak, as well as additional camping gear, prepared food, rental tent, tour of Santanoni, wagon ride into Camp Santanoni, tour of Santanoni, and a private guide for the three days.  Minimum of four people.

Transportation to Great Camp Santanoni from Saranac Lake can be arranged at an additional cost. 

Please call as far in advance as possible so to reserve your trip so that we can make arrangements with Newcomb Farms for the Horse drawn carriage ride.

# Days: 3
Boat Type: canoe or kayak
Experience Level: Novice
Nature of Trip: Paddling, hiking and camping at Historic Great Camp
Cost/Person: $699
Dates: 05/15/2019-10/14/2019

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