Floodwood Pond Loop

St. Regis Canoe Outfitters

The Floodwood Loop is a beautiful canoe camping trip over three days (2 nights).  We begin and end at our Floodwood Outpost.  We will paddle down Fish Creek into Follensby Clear Pond, Hoel Pond, Slang Pond, Turtle Pond and Long Pond.  We will spend a day hiking up Long Pond Mountain before returning to Floodwood Outpost.  There are great opportunities for swimming. The view from Long Pond Mountain is stunning.  There are five portages.

Your guide will provide tips for paddling, portaging and camp setup as well as providing amazing food. Transport returning to Floodwood Outpost at the end of the trip is included.

Cost per person includes your choice of boat from our rental fleet, as well as the guide, camping gear, food and transportation from our Base.

Trip is arranged at your request with minimum of four people. We recommend at least a month's advance reservation for all guided trips.

# Days: 3
Boat Type: canoe
Experience Level: Novice
Nature of Trip: Creeks, small ponds
Cost/Person: $599
Dates: 05/15/2019-10/15/2019

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