Employment at SRCO

St. Regis Canoe Outfitters

Career Opportunities at St. Regis Canoe Outfitters

Employees are the heart of our organization.  Their expertise, enthusiasm and experience makes St. Regis Canoe Outfitters what it is today.  We are united in our joy of being outdoors.  We work closely together to make the job fun and rewarding for ourselves and the customers.  We operate from a perspective of team work.  Every year we start with new employees and within weeks the sense of community comes together in an amazing way.  Every summer we hire a group of highly qualified people.  Give us a call for more details:  518.891.1838

Positions Include:



We have a variety of management needs including Assistant Retail Store Manager & Operations Manager, both of which are full time year-round positions.   

The Assistant Retail Store Manager will be responsible for running the retail store and supervising staff.  This position requires a working knowledge of outdoor gear, especially as relates to canoe/kayak and camping gear.  Important knowledge as relates to store displays, customer relations and staff supervision is important. 

The Operations Manager is responsible for all outfitting and rental services at our two locations, management of rental boats and gear, food packing, vehicle maintenance, driving, grounds & building maintenance, other duties as assigned.

Strong organizational skills and a solid background in canoeing/kayaking is necessary for both positions.  Knowledge of the Adirondack waterways is an important part of the job.


Canoe/Kayak Outfitter Staff:

A team of people who work directly with customers in the store and on the phone.  They must be experienced in canoeing/kayaking. They must be familiar with the canoe routes in the area and knowledge of canoe & camping gear.  The position includes both retail customer service and general maintenance of rental gear.   The effective person in this position is one who appreciates working with people and one who appreciates outdoor recreation in general, and paddlesports specifically. The ability and confidence to relate to and to help all age groups is an asset.  Maintenance of gear requires someone who appreciates detail and pride in a job well done.

Drivers:  Transport customers/boats/gear and shuttle cars.  Drivers must hold a valid drivers license and have a clean driving record.  It is important to be comfortable driving in remote places and dirt roads.  Drivers are called on an as needed basis during the canoe season.

The general skills that we are looking for are as follows:

Strong background knowledge in outdoor recreation and experience paddling in the Adirondacks

Open to learn and grow while knowing your limits and when to ask for help

Motivated & able to take initiative on your own when appropriate and with sound judgement

Passionate about outdoors, especially regards to canoeing & kayaking

Personality that enjoys customers & can relate to their interests and needs regarding canoe camping, etc.

Excellent communication skills and able to resolve problems without hesitation

Creative, flexible, good sense of humor to allow you to respond to whatever comes your way

Able to see the big picture as well as be detail oriented

Good technology skills for using Excel spreadsheets, Facebook, Email, etc.

Paddle canoe/kayak as your first choice in activity on your time off work

Knows the different types of canoes & kayaks and the pros and cons for each in different situations