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Below is information that may help in choosing the best boat. We both rent and sell camping gear----tents, packs, and sleeping and cooking gear. See below for a complete list.

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The canoes are made of Royalex (a plastic foam laminate), fiberglass, kevlar and foam core kevlar lay-ups. The Mad River canoes are all hardwood trimmed. All canoes have a bench style seat for versatility in paddling position. The kayaks are either rotomoulded polyethylene, fiberglass, or Kevlar construction. They may be carried over the shoulder, overhead with a yoke or on a portage cart.

Camping Equipment Rentals & Sales

We provide you with top quality gear. You can be assured of a good night's sleep with either a Quallofil, Hollofil II or down sleeping bag, and either a closed cell foam pad or a Therm-a-Rest mattress. Tents are freestanding, lightweight nylon with floor and no-see-um netting. Cook gear is stainless steel. Our rugged canoe packs are waterproof and comfortable to portage.

All equipment is available to rent or purchase individually.

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Trade in Your Old Boat!

Yes, we do sell our used gear and boats at the end of the season and Yes, we do take trade-ins of your old boat - contact us - we have boats in every price range. Click here to see this season list of Used Boats for sale.

Choosing Your Canoe

Our rental canoes are made of either

  1. a plastic / foam laminate called Royalex or Royalite. These are heavier, often more stable designs and are more forgiving (read: not easily damaged) materials
  2. a combination (composite) of Kevlar cloth and epoxy resin –often sandwiching a layer of stiff lightweight foam. This results in a lightweight, stiff hull that performs better and is lighter to portage or to cartop.

In choosing your canoe, first consider the purpose and style of your trip.

For Basecamp trips...
If you are planning a basecamp type trip with coolers and heavy gear then you will want to choose a Royalex boat like the Old Town Penobscot 16’ or the Esquif Avalon. The Old Town Camper 15’ is a good rugged boat for smaller loads in rough terrain like streams with logs or rocks. The Penobscot 17’ still has two seats but can easily accommodate a third small person sitting on gear in the middle. The Penobscot 18.5’ is a boat that can carry three adults and gear, but it does not have a carrying or portage yoke in the center—so it is ideal for camping trips to the Saranac Lake Islands. Solo paddlers can choose the Bell Yellowstone Solo as a good Royalex canoe.

For Lake to Lake trips with lots of portages...
Or if you feel like you might be getting a bit older...
For trips covering lots of different lakes with sometimes long portages you may want to consider a lighter kevlar tandem (two person) canoe like the Bell Northstar, the Souris River Quetico 16 or Quetico 17. If you are two lightweight people or smaller people you want to conside the WeNoNah Escapade. For longer trips or for higher performance, a longer canoe like the WeNoNah Minnesota II is an excellent choice. If your trip includes three people the Minnesota III should be a consideration. If the family dog is joining the trip consider a more stable three seat boat like the Seneca or the Quetico 18.5.
Solo paddlers have a choice of traditional seating (hung seats) to sit on and paddle with a single blade canoe paddle or a seat on the floor of the boat which is usually paddled with a double paddle.
Our traditional style solos include the Bell Merlin 15’ (for smaller people) and the Souris River Tranquility (for the larger paddler).
Our double paddle solos have been very popular due to light weight or higher level of performance. If your trip is for exploring, fishing or just out for paddle, then the Nessmuck (up to 175# Paddler) and Nessmuck XL (paddlers over 175) are good double paddle solo choices. The Spitfire and Rapidfire are faster and more efficient for “point A to point B” type trips.

Choosing your kayak

Our rental kayaks are made of either

  1. rotomoulded polyethelene (plastic) which is less expensive and essentially “bang-proof”.
  2. Or
  3. a kevlar or fiberglass composite which results in a lighter weight boat. Often with a more sophisticated designs.

Length of the boat overrules the material when it comes to ease of paddling. A longer, more narrow boat will be faster or more efficient to paddle. Of course, you must be comfortable in the boat at the same time. A wider boat will be more stable.

We divide our kayaks into three broad catagories dependent on Length:

Recreational Kayaks: Short, wide and most stable

The Acadia Scout is our only childs kayak and it is excellent for day tripping for people up to 100 pounds. The smallest double paddle solo canoe (the Nessmuck) is a good alternative. The Quoddy Light (our lightest weight kayak at 28#) and the Cayuga 130 are both suitable for adults or children. The Otter is our shortest recreational kayak at 9.5 feet. It is good for adults looking for stability, but it is too wide for small children.

Touring Kayaks: Medium length (12-15’), good stability, suitable for a weekend trip

The Kasko and the Tribute are the less stable, and more efficient of this lot. The Kasko has good depth in a nice paddling boat for experience paddlers, whereas the Tribute is shallow and will only be comfortable for small or slighter builds. The Breeze, Carolina 14 and the Cayuga 146 are all comfortable boats for bigger adults. The Chebeague is our lightest weight (33#) adult sized boat for weekend trips. The Carolina 14 R is available with a rudder for those venturing onto bigger, perhaps windier lakes.

Sea Kayaks: Longer, sleeker and great to paddle for longer trips. Equipped with rudders and two hatches for gear storage.

Our selection of sea kayaks are made of fiberglass and include the Narwhal and the Solstice GTHV. The initials stand for Grand touring High Volume. Both of these boats are a joy to paddle. The Narwhal has a slightly roomier cockpit.

Tandem (2 person) Kayaks:

The Twin Otter is a traditional single cockpit boat with two seats. The front seat slides forward and back to balance the load. This is a great boat for day trips with two people of unequal ability or strength. Our other two tandems are sea kayaks and are for multiday trips with lots of gear. Both of these are ideal boats for Lake Champlain. The Explorer is a good boat for the Saranac Lakes trip whereas the Expedition is too big for small streams like Fish Creek. Although they are Kevlar, they are heavy enough to warrant wheels and we include wheels with rentals of the Explorer or Expedition.

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